Residential forum 2022
8 June 2022 | Sofia, Bulgaria

Momchil Boyadzhiev

Managing director, KONE

Momchil Boyadzhiev completed his education in economics with a bachelor's degree at the University of National and World Studies in Sofia with a specialization in Finance. He began his career in positions in the banking sector, soon reoriented himself in sales and trading and from 2006 he became part of the team of Procter& Gamble Bulgaria, where he gained more than 7 years of valuable experience in leadership positions. In 2013 he joined one of the largest producers of paints and coatings in Southeastern Europe – Orgachim Bulgaria, where in 2018 he became the Executive Director for the country. Momchil is currently the Managing Director of KONE, one of the most innovative companies in the elevator industry in the world. His passion has always been the relationship with clients and satisfying their needs in order to support business development, guided by the global trends. With this experience Momchil successfully leads the team in Bulgaria and works on improving the quality of the services to partners and customers and supporting innovative and effective development of the urban environment.